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Take on strongman training in Billings, MT

Do you want explosive muscles? Turn to Wilson's Iron Barn Gym for strongman training services in Billings, MT. You'll receive safe and personalized strongman coaching from our expert. We have all the resources you need to become a top bodybuilder.

We even have a Strongman team. Want to become a member?
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Compete with the gym's strong men

Strong man training at Wilson's Iron Barn Gym comes with its perks. You'll get to work hard and prepare for competitions with our strong man coaching.
We'll help you train for contests involving:

  • Tire flipping
  • Atlas stone throwing
  • Log cleaning and pressing
  • Sandbag lifting
Ready to train while having fun? There's no better way to show off your strength and make amazing progress. Check out our strong man games in Billings, MT.