"Whoever Comes to our Gym Becomes Stronger"

Make Your Physical Health A Top Priority

We're excited to offer strength and conditioning services in Billings, MT

If you've struggled to stay dedicated to your long-term fitness goals, you need a reliable partner. Wilson's Iron Barn Gym is a local strongman gym in Billings, MT that's dedicated to making you stronger each time you work out with us. Our strength and conditioning service provider has over 25 years of training experience and has played competitive sports like football, track, and competitive lifting..

Start taking your strength training seriously. Give us a call at 406-534-2760 so we can create a personalized exercise plan.

Why work out with us?

When you want strength and conditioning services, you need to be sure your coach is qualified. The fitness expert at Wilson's Iron Barn Gym has gone above and beyond by securing multiple certifications and licenses that relate to strength training. Our trainer is a qualified:

  • International Federation of Strength Athlete (IFSA)
  • Senior and youth fitness coach
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Fitness therapist
  • Personal trainer
With our trainer on your side, you'll follow a more strategic and effective fitness approach. Are you ready to be stronger? Reach out today to learn more about our trainer's process.

Use your weekend to
gain muscle

When you need to challenge yourself over the weekend, come to our local strongman gym. Our training programs can get you ready for competitions and events. We encourage physical growth and foster a competitive spirit in our clients.

Get the most out of your weekend by coming to train with strongman in Billings, MT. We'll make sure you work harder than you ever have before.